Timeless, clean, and simple. These are words that do not describe our favorite fads, and fashion misteps of the last 20 years.

A lot has happened in 20 years boy bands have come and gone, and then come back again. Things that likely won’t come back? These fashion faux pas’. The best of the worst.

Von Dutch Hats
Remember these? How the hell could you forget them? You paid $50 for what you could probably get for free in a case of beer. A trucker cap is and always will be a truckers cap. Truckers didn’t stop wearing them when the rest of the world did, and where’s yours now?

Ed Hardy T-Shirts
You can throw any heavy graphic tee under this category. Ed hardy anything is pretty hideous, yet people flocked to buy clothing that was an ode to old school tattoos. The fact that they became a walking billboard seemed to be lost on everybody, but, Christian Audiger.

Friendship Bracelets
Before the term BFF even existed, the ties of friendship were shown through bright neon colored twisted bracelets. It seemed girls throughout every school were sporting these. As if fighting over boys wasn’t enough.

Mondetta/Club Monaco sweaters
The classic sweatshirts that the high school elite seemed to own. First, you had the Mondetta ‘country focused’ ones which sported a massive flag in front. Japan seems to pop to mind. I wonder how many kids could actually point Japan out on a map? The Club Monaco edition was another one of those walking billboard ideas. Usually a plain cream sweatshirt emblazoned with a full size Club Monaco crest.

Reebok Pumps
The only solace ‘financially challenged’ kids took in these technological marvels, was when some dumb rich kid would pump his shoes up too much, and they’d pop. Those were the days the rest of us loved our laced up kicks and velcro straps.

Tear Aways
Nothing said ‘I’m not going to play basketball today, so, you should pants my ass’ like tear aways. Double misfortune for those who for whatever reason refused to wear shorts under them. You still sometimes see tear aways, but only on the hardwood, which is all good. Oh, ladies? Yoga pants are the modern day tear aways.

Doc Martens
Essentially shoes that were like clogs, but, with that instantly recognizable yellow stitch. They looked more army boot than casual boot and achieved that very hard thing to achieve for brands, convinced everyone that if all the cool kids looked like idiots, it’s not so silly after all.

Jeans: True Religion, Ikeda Lock Ups
Jeans shouldn’t really be distinguishable from one brand to the next, outside of a small key detail. How else do you think Levi’s have always been in style? A great fitting jean is usually more to do with cut and colour, as opposed to some form of complicated contraption replacing the button. Heavy stitching on the ass pockets? No. Sequins or metal studding? Aw hell no.

There you have it. A trip down memory lane, how many of these pop up in your school photos?

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