There are so many things that came to mind when reading the headline, ‘Afroman punches fan on stage’, usually the first thing that comes to mind in these situations, is the little clip below.

That’s Eric Cantona, who played for Manchester United, and after being ejected by the referee, he gets into an altercation with a fan of the team they were playing that day, Crystal Palace. He proceeds to give a flying kung fu kick to the chest of the fan. It’s all very Liu Kang, the fan was said to to have said to Cantona, “Fuck off back to France, you French motherfucker”. Makes sense to kick him back a few rows right? Well, the FA disagreed, they fined him boat loads of money, and banned him from football for eight months. He was charged criminally, but won on an appeal. Cantona’s actions were wrong, he’s said as much since, and he was disciplined fairly (for the time).

Now, back to our man, or more appropriately, our Afroman. First off, he’s an one hit wonder, who released the song, ‘Because I got hight’ in 2000. 2000! What’s crazy is the single was nominated for a Grammy, which tells you a lot about how much the Grammys understand rap. So, he releases one hit single, a throwaway novelty song about 15 years ago, and someone hires him for a show in 2015? And, people attend?! It’s madness, and gives hope to the likes of the Vengaboys, Jimmy Ray, and those guys that sang ‘Blue’.

Anyways, he’s on the stage, and a female fan hops up on stage, probably in awe that Afroman is still alive, and also that she’s likely drunk, maybe, because she got high? Afroman sees her, and goes around her to continue to play, while she’s dancing, or doing her form of it. He then proceeds with all his weight, spin and her punch her in the face.

Should she be on stage? Of course not. Should there be security? Of Course. Will she sue everyone? You betcha

What makes the situation worse? This weak ass apology that he gave to TMZ.

Anxiety foundation? You need to enroll a lawyer, like Harvey Spector from Suits lawyer, and, you better hope that Mike is able to help his ass. He also says he didn’t ‘medicate’ – so he punched her because ‘he didn’t get high’? He had to walk a half mile to get to the place? That’s like an excuse from The Cosby Show, was it uphill too? On broken glass? Barefoot? Did Cosby fix you a drink before you started walking? Seriously, get yourself a lawyer, and hopefully a hit single, you’ve got some bills to pay.

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