You don’t usually think of Converse as a major fashion brand, probably because their biggest success may actually be their biggest hindrance. With a sneaker as essential, unique and iconic as ‘Chuck Taylor’s’, it’s easy to forget they sell more than just shoes.

1. Kids Converse ‘Dr. Seuss Thing’ grenadine Chucks
Got a kid of your own or a niece or nephew? Well, if there’s anything as iconic as Chuck Taylor’s it’s Dr. Seuss. Any kid would dig these simple, and clever kicks. The cool thing? They’re not too crazy, and plus, kids clothing is pretty colourful to begin with. These will look good on any of your sidekicks and run you about $45.

2. Men’s Leather Biker Jacket
What?! Leather jacket? Converse? Yeah, and it’s friggin’ gorgeous. It’s lamb skin leather with front pockets keep it a clean design. This jacket screams Rock & Roll, and you may as well roll out of your house to just about anywhere in blue jeans. Whether it’s grabbing a quick pint, going to a show or a night on the town, everybody needs a leather jacket, and this one is just the ticket. Priced at $280.

3. All Black Leather Chuck Taylor’s
You didn’t actually think Chucks wouldn’t be on here did you? Kids shoes aside, this modern day take on a true original works perfectly. Finding an all black shoe is tough, but this leather number works with anything. Jeans? Check. Dressed up with a blazer? Check. Seriously. These work with everything. $65

4. Scoreboard Watch
Inspired by a clock that is watched nervously by millions the world over. Simple concept, timeless design and it works again. A stacked digital display, encased in silicone, and water resistant. A great addition to any watch case. $75

5. Jack Purcell Peter
Jack Purcell is the Robin to Chuck Taylor’s Batman. Know who Jack Purcell was? He was a Canadian, and a world champion badminton player. He also designed the original shoe that this low navy style was based on. This Peter edition features a smooth leather finish and a colour combination that is simply perfect. $85

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