There are probably a few handful of restless hockey players tonight, as Hockey Canada will announce who will make up Team Canada for the 2010 Olympics. Now, while other countries have stated that the lineup they announce is merely penciled in, and players can drop out and be added as they go along, Team Canada brass have let it be known that the players names announced tomorrow morning at 9am will be, barring injury, representing this country come February.

If you thought the Olympics were under way at this point, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. You know that every decision made will be scrutinized, every position question, is the team too old, too young? Is there enough grit? skill? The questions will go and on, that is, until the puck finally does drop. We know the absolute locks for the team, Brodeur, Luongo, Nash, Iginla, Crosby, Getzlaf, Nash. Pronger and Niedermeyer on the blue line are also probably locks, but we would probably exclude the Flyers’ Pronger this time around. Drew Doughty, however should crack the lineup.

One of the questions that has lingered is who should be named captain? Some have said Roberto Luongo, individuals we’re thinking were dropped on their heads during childhood. How can a guy who isn’t even a lock to start for the club be named captain? We’re not even going to say Brodeur, you don’t have to follow the precedent set by the Canucks. For us, it’s an easy choice, Jarome Iginla. The Calgary Flame has grit, skill, speed, and a whole lot of heart, as a matter of fact, he epitomizes Canadian hockey. Gone are the days of Sakic, Lemieux, and Yzerman.  We now are looking at Iginla, Thornton, and Heatley. While we’d take the first three in a heartbeat, it’s time that the new crop recognize their roles, and flourish in them.

If Scott Niedermayer gets picked to be captain, we won’t be too upset, he does after all, have a ton of hardware. We just don’t think he’s the guy who will carry this team to the gold medal. Hell, we’re not totally sold that he should be on the team either.

Trying to find the coverage? No worries, the announcement is being broadcasted on thirteen different TV outlets!

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