This past weekend had to be one of the stronger sports weekends in a long time. Game one kicked off of the Stanley cup finals, with Philly losing a shootout to the Blackhawks 6-5. Now, I’ve gotten past the Canucks loss enough to be able to say that Chicago will win the cup. Now, is it too much to ask that Pronger breaks Byfugliens arm, so he can’t lift the cup? Is that cool? We also had the lakers knocking off the phoenix suns, bit of a heart breaker that. If Steve Nash retires without a ring, that would be devastatingly unfair. UFC also went down with the serious grudge match of Evans and rampage, a main event that actually lived up to its hype. Still can’t wait to see A-Team. The french open was also going down, if you were watching the clay courts, you would’ve seen Venus Williams get knocked out. England played Japan in a warm up match before the World Cup and stumbled to victory. They needed not one, but two own goals to beat Japan 2-1. Over in the world of baseball, Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game. The only thing missing was something CFL or NFL related. I can’t remember a more productive sports weekend.

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