Orr. Coffey. Bourque. Niedermeyer.  Lidstrom. Pretty tough to argue that any of those names don’t belong next to the others. After twenty some odd years of being in Detroit, Nicklas Lidstrom called it a career this past week. The man’s a legend, countless awards and accolades, and known for being a class act on and off the ice. He’s one of those players that you’ll loved to have seen if you hadn’t seen him play, but tough to talk too much about when you did see him play. Simple, and as about as close to perfect as the game could be played.

Drafted 54rd overall, 1,564 games played, 264 goals, 878 assists, 450 penalty minutes, and a plus 514.

So, if you couldn’t be a hockey player, you’d probably want to be a rock star no? Feel the adulation of a rock arena crowd? Yeah, Lidstrom’s got you beat there too. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were in Detroit, and


Lidstrom was their guest, and drummer, and hometown Detroit boy Chad Smith, made sure to give a massive shout out to one of the greatest Red Wings of all time, and gave him some mic time.

By the way, how fucking epic is that arena setup for the peppers?

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