Leave it to the folks at Nike to bring back the pain and tear open fresh wounds. They did it so cleverly with Tiger Woods after his sex scandal and starting tomorrow they release “Rise,” the new LeBron James ad that hits back at critics and fans who slammed his controversial move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat this past summer. The 90 second commercial has James asking repeatedly “What should I do?” and then roles through a fantasy land of outcomes to answer that question. We see things such as him delivering his hall of fame induction speech to an empty room claiming his legacy shouldn’t be ruined, having his ‘Chosen 1’ tattoo removed from his back and taking a shot a Charles Barkley while eating a donut and stating he is ‘not a role model.’

In the end, the ad does nothing to repair the damage he caused to his faithful fans who looked up to him over his 6 years spent in Cleveland. Instead we are left to believe that he is happy to be a vilified character that no one can relate to. Sure, LeBron James is a great basketball player and has done a lot for the new generation of NBA fans but to answer the question “What should I do?” How about just shut your mouth and play the game. That would probably be the most appropriate way to show the world how great you are.

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