Brian Burke has pulled off his blockbuster trade this season, and it doesn’t involve Phil Kessel. The Toronto GM landed Dion Phaneuf, and JS Giguere in two big deals with the Calgary Flames and Anaheim Ducks.

So, let’s break the trades down quicktime.

Toronto Gets:  Dion Phanuef, Keith Aulie, Frederik Sjostrom

Calgary Gets: Ian White, Matt Stajan, Nick Hagman, and Jamal Mayers

Now, Jamal Mayers had already requested a trade, so this solves that problem, the other three were struggling as well. Hagman and Stajan would seemingly fit in quite well with the Flames mould. In our opinion, Dion Phaneuf is very over rated. One great season does not a career make. Toronto fans have already stated, along with the CBC that if Phaneuf was in the lineup against the Canucks, they would’ve beat Vancouver. They would’ve scored, like, three goals in the first period, and then chase Luongo, and then just watch their lead stand. Hold on, that did happen, and they got spanked.

Brian Burke wasn’t done with acquiring Mr. Elisha Cuthbert, he went on and swapped goalies with his old team, the Anaheim not so mighty Ducks. Burkie sent Jason Blake, and Vesa Toskala to California for J.S Giguere. We’re just going to go ahead and predict that Burke will now acquire Brad May.

The goalie swap is even steven, goalies get streaky, get comfortable, and change up their games once leaving a city. The Flames gave up a very expensive asset, that had very little return. In exchange, they got three or four spark plugs for their lineup, a team that is riddled with inconsistency, and is unable to score, believe that White, Stajan, Hagman, and Mayers may generate some new chemistry. The Snugee is also a fantastic fashion statement.

Rumors are already floating that these three teams may somehow use these trades as a springboard for Ilya Kovalchuk. We call bullshit due to the salary cap.

And, this just in, Leafs still suck.

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