It’s not the gold medal setting that many hoped for, but there are no other two teams that have as much history
with each other as Canada and Russia. Todays game kicking off at 4:30pm may be the hottest ticket of these Olympics, and
depending on the result, may just ‘out scalp’ the Gold Medal game. There’s no denying that Canada and Russia haven’t
played to the results they were expected. Canada needing a shootout to beat the Swiss, then losing to the USA, and Russia
falling to a very feisty Slovakia team.

Many Canadian fans are not guaranteeing a win as they usually do, because of our record this time around, but one thing is an
absolute. Roberto Luongo has to play the game of his life. Period. Three periods of hockey may just define his career, he’s at
times been knocked as not being a big game performer, supporters have stated that he hasn’t had the chance to get there. Well,
now he does. A quarterfinal matchup with Russian snipers, Datsyuk, Kovalchuck, Malkin, and of course, Ovechkin, may make it feel
a little like an all star game, the atmosphere and play should rival any playoff game you could find.

You see, how Canada and most importantly, Luongo performs today will be remembered by not only Canucks fans, but Canadians watching
all over world, and if the performance is memorable enough? The millions of Olympic fans watching at home may just notch this one
down too.

Out of all of the stats that can be crunched and poured over for this game, one stands out for us, Roberto Luongo is 10 – 1 against
Ovechkin all time. Lou has had a 2.20 GAA in those 11 games, he’s also stopped three shootout attempts, and three other in-game
breakaways. Hopefully that trend continues.


One thought on “It doesn’t get bigger than this…

  • February 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Totally excited that Canada won last night… I absolutely CANNOT believe the final score. Who would have thought against Russia?

    Now we’re taking on the Slovaks and i have to say they are a bit of a dark horse. Canada cannot under estimate them.

    Let’s go for Gold!

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