Unless you’ve been under a rock the last 24 hours, you’ve undoubtedly seen the scoreline from yesterdays World Cup Semi Final between host country Brazil, and Germany. The Germans won 7 -1, and to be fair, if they kept the pace that they had from the first half, they could’ve scored seven more. The storyline going into the game was how Brazil would come together after the loss of superstar Neymar to injury, and captain Silva to fouls, hence the headline of ‘SUPERAMIGOS’ that ran on the cover page of the Metro the day of the game.

Of course, Brazil were dismantled, and suffered what may be the worst loss in the history of sport, when you consider all that was in the balance.

After the game, comes the fun part – how do the Brazillian newspapers react to the result, and what about the German newspapers? Needless to say, the Brazillian ones are slightly more entertaining. Check out the front pages below, courtesy of Newseum.

A Tarde runs the headline ‘Here lies the dream of six in 2014’




Jornal De Santa Catarna features essentially how many Brazillian fans reacted – by drowning their sorrows, I’d say it was more likely a few bottles for every German goal scored. Ressaca means hangover – and Brazil must have a hell of a one.


Super played on theme of six titles as well, and the universal ashamed paper bagged fan.



Hoje ran a simple, very effective image of the sixth title falling out of grasp with the headline, Vergonha, which means Shame.



Metro which runs thoughout the world,and through several cities of Brazil, ran the cover of the abyss, the dark hollow that an entire country fell into. Picture perfect



Now, on to Ze Germans. It probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the German newspapers weren’t as creative as the Brazil papers, Germany’s collective creativity seemed to be spent on the pitch.

Augsburger Allgemeine ran the scoreline with the headline Weltmeisterlich!, which translates to World Class!



Badisches Tagblatt ran what loosley translates to Germany heading to the final after scoring a ton of goals. You think they’d be a little more creative than that huh?


Of course the last one, reads ‘Without words’ – the equivalent of speechless. Speechless indeed.


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