Courtesy of Newseum, we take another look at how the world, or at least, newspaper editors of the world reacted to Germany beating Argentina with a last minute goal by Gotze.

Italy – The Azzuri are always considered contenders, at least to those who support them, the Italian paper, La Stampa, also take the harshest take, with the headline, ‘Messi is no Maradona’


The United States were one of the great stories of this World Cup, so it’s cool to see how the Daily News in New York ran with a German victory. Of course, the secondary headline of a rookie cop being murdered is far more powerful, and a stark reminder that the World Cup is still just a tournament of games.



The English weren’t expected to achieve much this year, many said that the lack of expectations would drive them to a strong showing, but they simply justified those that said they would not achieve much.The Times ran the team victory picture.



Perhaps no team carried more expectations and pressure than Brazil, and the team had perhaps the biggest two game implosion in sports history. Brazil’s metro, which ran that fantastic cover page after the drubbing by the champions, ran the headline, ‘Germany above all’



Back home in Argentina, the Buenos Aires Herald kept their heads held high, as they should, while major newspaper, Clarin, ran with fight to the end.



ARG_BAH ARG_CLAGermany – another day, another couple of covers celebrating huge victories.

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