So, Dave Bolland went on WGN radio the other day and talked about how much he hates Vancouver, and referred to the Sedins as sisters and they and the green men as ugly. First off, Dave Bolland calling anything or anyone ugly is like Patrick Kane making fun of someone’s ability to grow a beard.

So, here’s the thing, I’m not too fussed about what Bolland said, the guy is known as a chirper and agitator, and that’s what he does. Yeah, he plays Vancouver well, and he slashes his way into the heads of the Sedins, he’s still not newsworthy. At the end of the day, he’ll go down as a niche player, that many non Canuck and Hawks fans will have trouble remembering.

Here’s what pissed me off. The number of people agreeing with him on this mornings Vancouver sports radio. They are the clearest definition of uneducated, bandwagon hockey fans. Hell, some folks said that they’d rather have 1 Dave Bolland on their team, than both the twins. I’d recommend they have 1 stiff drink and two tylenol, and call sanity in the morning. There is no one player in the league that I’d trade straight up for the twins, outside of a healthy Sidney Crosby.

These are the same ‘Canuck’ fans that shout ‘hit him’ when the opposing player has the puck behind their own net prior to a rush. They’re the same fans that scream shoot it, anytime a Canuck has the puck in the offensive zone. They hold strong to the belief that the twins are soft, despite them playing injured, they believe that they’re non-playoff performers, which means they likely didn’t have a tv set these last two seasons.

Yeah, Dave Bolland is a pest, and is annoying, what’s more frustrating is the 1 out of 7 ‘Canucks fan’ who claims to know the game and team, yet asks why Raffi Torres is being benched.

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