Its probably good news that the only big trade this summer was by the Canucks. It should also not come as a surprise that plenty of canuck fans are upset by the trade. So, the Canucks sent Steve Bernier, Michael Grabner, and their first round pick to Florida for prospect Victor Oreskovich and Dman Keith Ballard. Now, I like the next guy haven’t seen much of Keith Ballard, he does after all play in Florida. But, everything I’ve read and seen, he looks a top four defenseman. The prospect, Oreskovich, like any other is just a prospect, he could go Jason King or Alex Burrows. Steve Bernier has a great game every 15 games or so. He’s got the size, but never used it. I’m tired of waiting for a ‘big game’ from the nice guy.

I’m surprised at how upset folks are to see Grabs go. He could skate well, handle and dangle, and if we got a goal every time he hit a goalies chest, he’d have 50 of em. The boy lacked finish, and I know what you’re thinking, but, what if he scores 30 goals next season? So? What if? What if? What if Pat Faloon didn’t suck balls? You could what if an entire season away, just ask the Edmonton Oilers.

The 1st round pick at twenty fifth was as much of a lottery pick as any other. All reports have this years draft as a pretty weak one.

Ballard by the way had 28 points last season, he costs the Canucks around $4 mi.

To back up my other point, Grabner had a 7.9 shooting percentage last year, Andrew Alberts, Steve Bernier, and Jannik Hansen all had better.

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