You know those moments when you have so much to say, but you end up being speechless? That’s kind of how every Canuck fan felt last night, that’s largely why, the most they could come out with was a ‘Fuck Yea’ or a screaming cheer. Some grown men sounded like prisoners in a jail gang rape, and not the ones ‘having fun’.

Can the Vancouver Canucks face the kind of adversity and drama the rest of the way as they did in this first round? Can they replicate what the 1989 Calgary Flames achieved, as that seems to be the team they’re mirroring at the moment. How can you match this drama in round two or three or even, four? Facing the Stanley Cup Champs, the Chicago Blackhawks, a team that has knocked the Canucks out of the playoffs for three years in a row, and clearly, got into the heads of every Canuck fan out there. The extravagant goal celebrations, the Byfuglien drama, Dave Bolland, Luongo being questioned at every turn, going up 3-0, losing three in a row, holding a lead for 50 odd minutes, only to lose it in the final few. OT. An overtime penalty, and then a canon of a shot to end it all. Redemption for Burrows, the Canucks, and the City. This team finally proving that they can battle back, and overcome what, at times, seems to be their biggest adversary, themselves.

Play this clip again, because from here on in, it’s going to be etched into your mind. Welcome back to the haters on this bandwagon.

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