Roberto Luongo has signed with the Canucks for a long term deal. They’re just sorting out the details. Luongo has agreed in principle to a deal with the Vancouver Canucks. Roberto Luongo using his Twitter account using the name Bobby Lou, twittered that he’s glad to be a Canuck long term. These headlines have been running for the last few months, and the craziest bit? The Vancouver Sun actually fell for the twitter bit. Who would believe that, first of all, Roberto Luongo would maybe even have a Twitter account, and secondly, would actually call it Bobby Lou? Seriously.

We’re going to stick to our belief that he’s signed, and minor details need to be ironed out, along with an appropriate press conference. You get the sense that with Matthieu Schneider signed, Luongo on board, the team is holding off on any announcements because they’re plotting some trade.Call us crazy but it would be quite a coup to have some crazy press conference just before training camp, showcasing a resigned Luongo, a recently signed Schneider, and a new stud of a winger. Then again, maybe, we’re just day dreaming. Whatever the case, we can’t wait till the season starts.

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