October is really the month of baseball, just as the leaves start to change colours, and the days become shorter, America’s favourite pastime gets a little more serious. What more appropriate time to talk ball caps? You see, ball caps are worn all over, but, people don’t necessarily consider it a fashion statement. More often than not, they’re seen as a key piece of sports affiliation, or fandom. Which is fine. I mean no Canucks fan would be seen wearing a Blackhawks hat, and you wouldn’t dear wear a NY embroidered cap, if you call Fenway home. We’re not talking trading in ‘your team’, we’re saying there’s a level of appreciation you’ve got to give to the look of the cap. So, in particular order, check out the best ballcaps in the business.

Where else would you start? The classic Boston Red Sox and Yankee cap are the marquee of the sport. They’re simple, known all over, and represent so much more than just the team. These two are both the ‘worn in’ vintage caps, and as timeless as the rivalry.



Next up? Well, it’s the surprise team of October, and one that sports one of the best logos in all of sport. Few hats shout cool, and fun like this Baltimore Orioles number. The Oriole Bird looks like he could fit in on a cereal box, album cover, or varsity jacket. Such a great looking hat. New Era’s contrasting black and white easy fit, is such a better fit than the old ‘bird watching’ logo variety.


We move on to a team that is best known for their fervent fan base, and their lack of success a close second. Few teams can also boast to call one of the most famous ballparks in the world home – Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs have a colourful stylized ‘C’ as their logo, but, I’m thinking the minimalist approach works wonders. A very cool, literal representation of the team name. The black and white color scheme makes sure this could be worn with any outfit.


Going away from the sport of baseball, we stop at a team that helped redefine rap music, and its culture. Don’t believe me? Ask Ice Cube. The Oakland Raiders have always been linked with black and silver. They’ve also been associated with having the craziest fan base in all of football. Well, you can fit right in, with this ‘say it loud’ variant, Raiders style. Say hello to the black hole. New Era style.


Time to add some colour, but, we’ll stay in Oakland. The Athletics have kind of shocked the baseball world when it comes to getting into the playoffs. Looks like Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill weren’t crazy after all. This traditional green and yellow speaks as much to the October season, as the team. Sharp, colourful, and cool.


Yeah, they’re called ball caps, doesn’t mean they got to be for ball clubs. This Alife teal number is bright enough to make any casual outfit pop. A cap that is sport neutral, but, pure style. The funky type seems to work better on the colourful than the black and white.


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