I was driving into work today, and heard the ‘I Believe’ song, that was pretty much the theme for the 2010 Olympics, and talk about a flood of memories coming rushing back. First off, a song that got a little overbearing during the games, when played without a montage of Canadians winning medals, actually sounded good after almost a year of not hearing it.

It’s pretty surprising to believe that it’s actually been a year since this city hosted one of the best parties the Olympics has ever seen. You almost wonder if the city will be referred to as pre-2010 and post-2010. No matter how you cut it, if you’re thinking that the Olympics were a rip off, and we could’ve spent all that money on housing homeless children fighting mental illness raising malnourished goats, or if you were just a casual fan that appreciated the show, you can’t deny that the city has changed. If it’s not a cultural shift, or a common sense or understanding amongst Vancouverites, you can’t help but notice that the Olympic Cauldron, the Convention Center, the Canada Line and a slew of other things wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Olympics.

Check out one of my favorite videos from the Olympics of the sounds of the final period of Olympic hockey in 2010.

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