Nevermind just the NYPD, every police force that keeps cops that believe their power and badge are more important that regular folks rights. You know, I know it’s just a single video linked in below, but this is the kind of stuff that makes a people lose faith in not just their government, and police forces, but their systems in general.

The video seems to be as ‘in context’ as you can imagine, and shows a cop just getting carried away, forgetting that he’s just another dude, and has no special powers. Instead, motherfucker becomes like Batman, and starts to invent his own laws. Check out the video, you’ll be taken aback, there’s no doubt.

If it ever happens to you, it’s within your rights to walk away, you can ask if you’re under arrest, and you don’t have to cooperate. Telling a joke is not illegal. There’s a reason some folk say Fuck The Police.

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