It was 1994, and  The Cranberries just released ‘No Need to Argue’, the second studio album for the Irish rock band. It featured a song that would catapult them up the charts, and played on radio stations the world over. Zombie in it’s album version was just over five minutes of grungy rock, led by lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, almost chanting, ‘zombie, zombie, zombie, eh, eh, eh, oh, oh, oh’ . Zombie was actually a protest song, and was written in memory of two young boys, Jonathan Ball, and Tim Parry that lost their lives during an IRA bombing.  The Cranberries performance on SNL, is often considered one of the best in the shows history, but the music video was very, very good too. You could show a single screenshot of the video to someone who grew up in the 90’s and they’d instantly recognize the song.

You can watch the HD version of the official music video below, as well as a shaky VCR recording of the SNL performance.



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