TheSleeve-for-House-Of-Ballo-006 Weeknd got a mainstream introduction on SNL this past weekend as he performed along with Ariana Grande and her track, ‘Love Me Harder’. The performance was a good one, as the two have chemistry, and their voices do seem to mesh well.

The Weeknd of course is Canadian, he made waves a few years ago releasing his debut album for free download on his website. While that’s not uncommon for most new artists, the difference here was The Weeknd didn’t really push the album, didn’t do interviews and stayed in the shadows. Downloads exploded all through word of mouth. He released King of the Fall the last little while, and it’s been received well, but its far from his best work. Although I found the writing on his first album a little weak, the track, ‘High for this’, stands out as a personal favorite. The video below is a live performance of that hit, and his British television debut on the Jools Holland show.



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