220px-Live_from_BostonI love when people say that their favourite musicians have sold out, the definition of selling out varies widely, depending on the fan or act. When Apple announced that U2 would surprise release their brand new album, Songs of Innocence via iTunes for free – many cried that U2 went corporate. Fact is, most corporations would like to have the brand awareness and market share that U2 has, Bono and co. are so much more than just a rock n roll band, they’re one of most powerful brands on the planet. Nevermind the reported $100 million payout by Apple to get the album exclusive.

The album itself is good, it’s quite soft, in terms of sound, it’s almost better suited as an acoustic album, I can’t picture the sound filling stadiums the size the Irish act is used to playing. One of the highlights of the record, is the opener, The Miracle of Joey Ramone. It’s a fitting tribute, but nothing compared to the one that had already been paid. It’s said that the last thing Joey Ramone heard before passing away was U2’s ‘ In a Little While’. Watch the clip below from the Evolution 2001 Tour DVD, this DVD was filmed in Boston, and is beautifully shot by director Hamish Hamilton.

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