BLOGTROT recently received what you can call a note of concern from a Vancouver based reader, who for the sake of this piece, we’ll call Jay. You see, Jay made a trip recently to Edmonton, and decided to check out the downtown scene, which from what we’ve heard makes Fort Langley look like Las Vegas. But, we’re not here to trash on Edmonton, we’re here to talk about Jay.

Jay flew from Vancouver to Edmonton for $220 through Westjet, (excellent choice by the way) and was to spend a few days in the city. Whilst kicking about downtown, he decided to cross the street, no real car traffic in sight, the other issue? No crosswalk. Cue the coppers. Roughly ten minutes later, Jay was told he was going to be $250 poorer. $250! For a fuckin’ jaywalking ticket? First of all, who hands out jaywalking tickets still? And, if you’re a city that does, that’s fine, but how the hell do you settle at $250?! It cost Jay less to cross provincial lines than the dashed ones on a road! Honestly.

Take a look at big cities around the world, and stop the junkmail, we’re not calling Edmonton a big city, but places like New York, jaywalking is a way of life. It’s not even jaywalking, it’s just walking, it’s getting to the other side of the fucking road. Planning on ticketing folks for crossing where they’re not supposed to? That’s totally cool too, it can be dangerous (if you’re an idiot), but be like Seattle, ticket $56, other major cities ticket right around that range as well, some going as high as $100. Not sure what Vancouver tickets at, but you really do hope it’s not a quarter of a thousand dollars!

Here’s the other thing that chaffs our asses, Jay tells us he let the copper know that he’s a tourist, which she didn’t really seem to give a shit about. We’re not saying you should bow to Vancouverites, a little curtsy would do. (We’re kidding)

But seriously, this is something that cops should understand universally, you’re not just here to police, you’re also kind of ambassadors to the city. A stern warning would help the impression of your city a lot more. AND…Vancouver was recently home to the World Police and Fire Games, where our city was visited by the fine men and women who serve their cities in uniform. Do you have any idea how many of them we saw jaywalk?!

We don’t care how much Jay is being forced to pay, we’re saying Jay 1 Edmonton 0

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2 thoughts on “Walk This Way Edmonton, Walk This Way

  • September 3, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Just another reason I am so happy I moved from Edmonton…

  • September 3, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    You could probably write a book on that topic Robert!

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