It was today a few hundred years ago that a lady protesting heavy taxation decided to take a ride by horse through the city. The ride was like any other slow trot through the town of Coventry, except this time, the rider was naked. The rider was named Lady Godiva. Godiva which loosely translates to gods gift, was married to Leofric, Earl of Mercia. Legend has it that Leofric taxed the citizens of Mercia a fair bit. Enough to force Godiva to protest to her husband in support of the good people of the city. Leofric ignored her many attempts at persuasion. Until, a single agreement and act, led to a very memorable protest and the creation of a well known saying. You are, Godiva bugged her husband so much, that at a certain point he said that he’d reduce the taxes if she rode through the town nude. An offer that he absolutely knew she wouldn’t accept. However, Lady Godiva issued a proclamation that on May 31st no citizens should be on the streets and all windows should be tightly shuttered. On May 31st, Lady Godiva stripped down covered by only her long locks rode through the town. All of the townspeople stayed indoors, and all of the windows remained shuttered. Except one. A tailor who bored a hole through a shutter, attempting to sneak a peak. Legend further has it that the tailor became blind, and was forever known as ‘peeping Tom’. As is your neighbor.

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