The Olympics kicked off with a lot of skepticism and negativity, plenty of folks were wondering why money wasn’t being spent elsewhere
and citing that there are no real benefits of millions of people watching our city on television, and thousands upon thousands visiting
day by day. Well, we ask, during these Olympics how many times did you turn the tv on and say, man, what a beautiful city. How many
times walking by those Super. Natural. British COlumbia did you say, ‘I’ve never seen that?’ or, ‘damn, I gotta check that out.’

Let’s not get confused, these Olympics are going to cost a lot of money, there’s no doubt about it, and while we had a slightly rough
start, you get the sense that the gains are many, and many cannot be measured in monetary senses. You take a look at the world class
Convention Centre, and Canada Line skytrains, this city has added a ton to its legacy, you’ve already added a number of sites that would
become tourist attractions, including the Olympic torch and clock. You’ve created amazing moments of the Olympic spirit and strength,
including overcoming Nodar’s death, Joanine Rochette fighting through tragedy and pain to put on an amazing performance, Alex Bilodeau
putting on a stellar performance on the slopes.

Getting around the city has been easier, sure, trains have been fuller, but all in all, if the city relied on the transit system as much
as they do these days, this city would move along at a fantastic pace. The city for the most part has been friendly and peaceful. Sure, a lot
of sportscasters have complained about the sunny weather, but visitors have exclaimed at how beautiful it is, how this sunny weather has killed
the perception that this city does nothing but rain. Weather that has encouraged repeat visitors, scenes of fog filled mountains, and crowd filled
streets have flooded to televisions all around the world. And, our hope is that people from all around the world flood our city.

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