The snow dusted streets of downtown Vancouver will be lined with a couple thousand CFL fans as the Grey Cup parade kicks off at 10am from Smithe and Hornby this morning. Of course, Vancouver isn’t used to snow of any kind, so, you gotta wonder if that will affect the turnout at all. What’s on the side of the festival is the fact that thousands have flown in from provinces east of here, and many of those are used to the white stuff, and many are staying within the downtown area. CFL fans have proven that they’re usually up for anything Grey Cup related, so I wouldn’t expect this to be any different.

In addition to the parade, there’ll be the third and final night of the Red Truck Concert Series, expect a jam packed room for Rock 101 night. Sass Jordan, 54-40, and headliner Trooper will have Grey Cup Festival vets dancing into the wee hours, and likely the downtown core.

The Rock and Roar Gala is also taking place in the Convention Center, with what’s being promised as ‘four quarters of food’ along with halftime entertainment and even sideline reporters talking to the crowd. The sold out event kicks off at 530pm, until 11pm. All in all, there’s enough going on this Saturday night to ensure even the most seasoned festival goer has a tough time waking up early the next morning.

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