There have been stories on Blogtrot that have gotten a ton of attention, hell, this site wouldn’t be at this address, if Rihanna and her people didn’t have beef way back when. One of the latest posts to get a ton of attention was a piece on two sister in laws who allegedly went to Vegas, and cheated on their husbands. The PI filmed video of which ended up on-line, on YouTube, was subsequently taken down, and is now available in torrent sites.

Now, usually, gossip makes for good posts, mix in sex, and the ability for readers to wag their moral fingers at someone who has erred, however egregious it may be. And, wag they did. The post generated 50 + comments of all kinds of judgement, empathy, and hate – which is fine, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. It also generated an email from an involved party asking for the post to be adjusted, and some form of a legal notice. That’s not the first time that’s happened, and, it likely won’t be the last, and don’t get me wrong – it’s not the reason this post exists.

This post exists because within those 50 comments were pretty specific details about the parties involved, names, ages, home towns, occupations, places of work, families – and they’re available all over the internet. Now, you can say, you need to lay in the bed you make, and I agree. What I’d rather not have is this become the forum to address personal vendettas, or post content with a hateful undertone. That’s my job.

For that reason, all comments from that post have been removed, and further commenting will be disabled.

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