Today’s NHL Trade deadline passed relatively quietly, until the biggest trade of the day was announced a half hour after the deadline. The Vancouver Canucks shipped Cody Hodgson to the Buffalo Sabres for Zack Kassian. Hodgson was considered the golden boy of the organization, the future. Comparisons to Trevor Linden almost came as soon as he was drafted. His first couple of years were marred by back problems, and, what seemed to be a possible conflict with the organization. This year, however, he showed the upside that many promised. He’s been in the conversation for a Calder Trophy most of the year, and voted Rookie of the Month this past January. CoHo was a fan favourite through and through, and was getting third line minutes, which in line was the problem. There was no way he was going to crack the top two lines with Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler in front of him. So, the organization saw the position as expendable, and got back a relative unknown in these parts in Zack Kassian. Kassian is described as a bull, and an angry one at that. He’s a 13th pick overall a year after Hodgson was picked 10th overall. Here are 5 videos that should tell you what Zack Kassian is all about.

In last years World Juniors Canadian Kassian sent Czech Republics’ Petr Senkerik off in a stretcher after a clean, but devastating hit.

If the first hit was clean, this ones dirty. Filthy dirty, credit Kassian for dropping the gloves immedieatly after going ‘Superman’ across Matt Kennedy’s face in an OHL game.

This one might be the best demonstration of Kassian’s punching power. In a fight that looks like a lost cause, Kassian lands two massive punches that down Tom Sestito. Sestito, himself is 6’5, and 224 pounds.

Alex Ovechkin is known for his explosive power, dazzling goals, and love of the game, that all seems to hit a wall as he runs into Kassian.

Here’s a clip that shows he’s not all just mind blowing hits, it’s a hattrick from Game 6 of the Memorial Cup between his Windsor Spitfires and Saginaw Spirits. Kids got some hands.

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