News of Whitney Houston passing away suddenly at 48 years of age swept the internet and news waves yesterday, and continues to do so today. If you’ve been following any form of a news channel or program, including TMZ, you shouldn’t be surprised by the news of her death. It was apparent that she was constantly fighting drug and alcohol issues for the last few years, that doesn’t mean that the news was shocking. It’s about as clear as an example as one would need to prove the deadly effects of drug abuse. There’s no doubt, this lady had an abundance of talent, she’s considered one of the greatest pop singers of all time. If her life wasn’t consumed with drugs and alcohol, and personal issues, she probably would’ve released another album or so in the last few years. She was actually planning a comeback. The day she died, that night, she was meant to open Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party. The party went on, with no Clive Davis, and Whitney’s dead body in a hotel room just four floors up.

You look back at someone’s career, and their are defining moments, some good, and some bad, but they all build into the arc points for someone’s life story. Below, are the 5 videos that I think are the defining moments of her career.

If you’re looking at Whitney Houston’s career, you’ve got to start with the National Anthem. Her version, sang so well, it actually charted in the US. It was 1991, and Super Bowl XXV, the Giants ended up beating the Bills to win the championship, you probably forgot that the New Kids on the Block were the half-time show, but if you saw the anthem, you didn’t forget. Often considered, the best version of the anthem ever sung. Check it out.

Fast Forward one year, and The Bodyguard is released, and all of a sudden, Whitney Houston becomes a mega star, both on screen, and in sound. Her album, ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight’, a couple of years earlier, was a huge success, but it was the video and song below, that many people will remember Whitney Houston for.

It’s 2002, and Whitney Houston and rumours of her drug abuse, and very rocky relationship with Bobby Brown are tabloid fodder for every weekly rag in America. She decided to do an interview with Dianne Sawyer, to set the record straight. She came off as anything but straight, the interview video and clips went viral, and her responses were used to find her guilty of any and all accusations someone could levy against her. Watch this clip, denying crack use, but, not a partying lifestyle.

This video is now thought to be the last performance of Whitney Houston’s, as she joined Kelly Price on stage a couple of days before her death. She sings a little bit of, ‘Yes, Jesus Loves Me’, a pretty fitting track for a entertainer that got her start as a gospel singer. She’s a shadow of her former self in the video, and she could’ve sung, ‘Walking on Sunshine’, and she still would’ve dripped sadness and loss.

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