Liam Gallagher announced the end of his post OASIS band, Beady Eye last week. This he’s, of course prompted everyone to jump on the rumor that Oasis are reforming. If they did, their next album would likely match the hype surrounding the lead single for ‘Be Here Now’. That single being D’You Know What I Mean?

It was 1997, and the band were set to release album number three. ¬†Definetly Maybe made everyone aware of who the brothers Gallagher were, the album was instantly called a masterpiece. Their second, What’s the Story Morning Glory made them international superstars. Everyone expected the world of Be Here Now, and to be frank it was an impossible expectation to meet, but, when DYKWIM was released, many thought the British bad boys had done it again. It went number one, selling more than 360,000 copies the first week. It was a monster hit, featuring a video that clearly had something of a budget. While the album had a few solid tracks, it also had a few duds, and that was very unlike Oasis. The band was said to be enjoying too many excesses, too many drugs, and the music was an afterthought. Criticism likely a bit too harsh, but they were never able to get back that level of buzz.

So, if they were to reform their comeback album would have the same anticipation as Be Here Now, and if it were to happen, you’d hope it meet those expectations.


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