Reports that hockey legend, Gordie How’s suffered a serious stroke made the rounds today online. His family reported that he’d lost control of half of his body, and was having a great deal of difficulty speaking. The 86 year old affectionately known as Mr. Hockey throughout the sports world may not be resonate with youth today, but, that wasn’t the case for a few decades.


As a matter of fact, Big Bob Davies and the Dollars recorded ‘Gordie Howe’, a song praising Howe as the greatest of all time. The song was released on radio airwaves in 1963, with Howes humble approval. Montreal radio was hesitant to play the track, not wanting to offend Richard fans. The popularity couldn’t be denied though, the song was a bonafide hit. The only downer of it all, Bob Davies and his band didn’t earn a penny, the record company declared bankruptcy, despite the song being an international hit.


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