mjThe NFL season kicks off again today, with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Green Bay Packers down the I5 at Safeco Field. The league has faced quite the tumultuous offseason, with a huge domestic abuse incident that blew up in the leagues face, drug testing gone south, alcohol abuse related incidents, and a variety of other incidents, so, you know they’re thrilled to get the attention back on field. There was another little news tidbit that got some attention; the NFL would start to charge the halftime show performer, starting this year. In years past, the performer wouldn’t get paid, nor would they pay, but they’d receive a place to stay, and the NFL would take care of the entire setup. Now, while lots of folks are screaming foul, because, it’s a billionaire corporation nickel and dime-ing a few millionaires, the rest of the world is more concerned with who’s actually playing, not really what they’re compensated. This year, the halftime show will either be Rihanna, Katy Perry or Coldplay, and that had me thinking – who was the first?

Now, there were a variety of a marching bands and tribute shows, featuring big name performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, and Carol Channing but, the first ‘professional stand alone ‘big name’ entertainer’ was none other than the New Kids on the Block, but that halftime show was delayed to after the game, because of Operation Desert Storm. The NFL followed that up with Gloria Estefan in 1992, and the FOX network aired a special live episode of ‘In Living Colour’ to deliberately draw viewers away. The NFL, then countered with the ultimate comeback, the one, and only, Michael Jackson. The tune of the day today, is more of a medley of five classic pop tunes, all by the King of Pop.

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