Of course, you know they’re here, but here are the top ten signs that you know the Olympics are here.

10. You’re surprised that a friend is working today. And it’s Tuesday.

9. The words Sochi, Heineken, and Livecity are all saved in the T9 in your phone.

8. You hear ‘O Canada’ being sung on Granville Street, and actually think, ‘that doesn’t sound as good as last night’.

7. Then 15 minutes later you hear a version better than both.

6. You’re not just taken aback by the price of a cup of beer, but the size of the cup too. Double shots of Canadian anyone?

5. There’s a group of 30 guys watching figure skating in storefront window, and only one guy jokes about the skaters outfit. And, he’s absolutely hammered.

4. You see shots of the inside of Pacific Colliseum, and have to ask, ‘where is that?’

3. It’s one thirty in the morning, and you’re walking to catch the Skytrain.

2. You have convinced many, and many have convinced you by simply saying, ‘It’s the Olympics’

1. You can’t believe the lineups, including street vendors like Japadog, and how many people are lined up to get in on the CTV News ‘look like a newscaster’. Photoshop anyone?

One thought on “Top Ten Signs the Olympics Are Here

  • February 22, 2010 at 2:31 am

    #2 is by far the best.. But does it actually work on anyone?!?

    Caesar for life!

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