Fanboys and fangirls must’ve felt that Christmas came early today, as a dream cast was announced for the 2016 release of the movie, Suicide Squad. The movie is based on the comic book storyline of the same name, essentially a group of incarcerated villains, who complete covert operations for the government in exchange for lighter prison sentences. Justin Marks is writing the screenplay, and David Ayer is directing. If the name Justin Marks rings a bell, he’s also the guy who is writing the Top Gun sequel. David Ayer was behind hit movies like Training Day and FURY.

Now, on to the cast…

4096430-rick_flag,_jr._001                                                                                                                               Rick Flag
Tom Hardy will play Captain Rick Flag, an expert in military operations, and an expert in all things combat, he’s also in peak physical condition. After Hardy’s performance as Bane in Dark Knight Rises, and as a MMA fighter in the underrated, Warrior, this seems to make perfect sense.


                                                                                                                             Harley Quinn

The first time I saw Harley Quinn was as a kid watching Batman: The Animated Series, she was a character you couldn’t forget, often by Jokers side, and often passing him on the crazy meter. Margot Robbie is a dream hire for comic fans, she’s proven her acting chops in Wolf of Wall Street, is stunning, and her looks and body type look as if they inspired the character itself.

margot robbie

A_prime_pic_of_Deadshot                                                                                                                                  Deadshot

Deadshot is an expert marksman, who is said to ‘never miss’, of course a cybernetic eye that increases vision, provides additional data would help with that. He also has a great desire to die a fiery death – making him an almost perfect fit for the Suicide Squad. You’d expect Will Smith, who has been cast as Deadshot, will be drawing from his arrayed acting background, from Hancock to I, Am Legend.

will smith


enchatress                                                                                                                             Enchantress
Freelance artist June Moone becomes her alter ego by saying her name aloud, this after an encounter with a mystical being. June slowly begins to lose control of her ability to control the powerful entity within her, making her extremely volatile. Cara Delevigne has appeared in Anna Karenina, and will star in next years, ‘Pan’, so she’s no stranger to playing characters in stories with a very strong following – and very high expectations.



joker                                                                                                                                   The Joker
The man who laughs may be the most famous comic book villain of all time, recognizable to non-comic fans, and played masterfully by both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. In 2015, it will be Jared Leto’s turn. The lead singer of Mission to Mars has put forward jaw dropping performances in Requiem for a Dream, and Dallas Buyers Club. He’s another casting whose build and face easily match that of the character.jaredleto

250px-Boomerang                                                                                                                                Boomerang
Might be safe to say, that Boomerang will be the first Suicide Squad character killed off in the movie. His power was the ability to create gimmicked boomerangs out of thin air, which is pretty lame to begin with. He’s also very obnoxious, racist, and considered untrustworthy. When a band of criminals have trouble trusting you, you know you’re in trouble. It’ll be a good chance for Jai Courtney to get his face back on the big screen, he’s been in some pretty action packed movies in the last couple of years, including, A Good Day to Die Hard.

jai courtney

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