You think Rihanna, and you likely think of her hit Umbrella, or the pop singer trying a little too hard in various videos, maybe, you think of the phenomenal hook she provided for ‘Run This Town’. You hear Chris Brown, and you’re probably thinking his hit ‘Forever’ or the club friendly, ‘Beautiful People’. It’s pretty tough to separate the two though, largely because Chris Brown beat the absolute shit out of Rihanna on the way to the Grammy Awards a few years ago. At this years Grammy Awards, Chris Brown got a ton of play, he showed up in two performances, won an award, and was showcased more than Adele, winnings aside. People were outraged, how could they give this guy the stage back, how could he be allowed an avenue to sell his records after such a terrible incident?

Well, shit just got real. Rihanna and Chris Brown didn’t just record one track together, they’ve recorded two. The first track in the video below, is, Turn Up The Music. Outside of who is involved in the collaboration, it’s not a massive record, sounding pretty standard pop fare.

The next track, ‘Birthday Cake’ is the one that will likely raise an eyebrow, closer to a duet than even Rihanna’s collaborative effort with Coldplay on Princess of China. It makes you wonder if Brown and Rihanna have actually reconciled, or are two pop stars capitalizing on a chance for some publicity. Rihanna has always been the artist that seems to try extra hard to appear edgy, and risque, could this just be an extension of that? If so, it’s a bit of a slap in the face of women who have been in abusive relationships all over. Check out the two fan made videos below, can you look past the backstory, and enjoy the track? Would it be worth the attention if there was no backstory?

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