Ricky Gervais might have come up with his best idea yet, and it involves the Golden Globes. You might remember, that last year when Gervais hosted the awards show, the folks who feel bad for millionaires, and the pressies that get paid by them blasted him for being too harsh. Hey, I think Johnny Depp is a great actor, but The Tourist sucked. Let’s be honest, hell, I’m sure Depp will tell you that he wasn’t too impressed with it. Anyways, Gervais was so spot on funny, that when he didn’t show up for a hour on the live broadcast, many thought he had been fired on the spot. The next day, media outlets were aflood that the powers that be said that the British comic would not be invited back.

Here’s the beauty, Gervais publicly pondered if he should get a few friends, such as, Chris Rock, Louis CK, Karl Pilkington, and Larry David to run a live ‘off side’ commentary online with the awards. The idea is magic, no network or corporate entity can stop any of these guys in ripping anybody, or from saying anything. Even, the Golden Globes would like it, more people would likely watch while streaming the online commentary on a computer. That’d make ratings go up on the television screen, even if most people would have it on mute. The only person it would affect would be the host, because who would want to listen to a ‘semi-neutered’ comic, when you can have a few guys fully game? To make matters more interesting, Chris Rock already tweeted, ‘I’m in.’ linking to Gervais’s story.

Here’s a clip of Gervais opening the Golden Globes.

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