Why do some folks just not pull over when an ambulance or emergency vehicle is coming? Its gotta be one of the most frustrating things to see drivers actually just stop in the middle of the road or keep driving.

Why does no. 3 road in Richmond have so many damn traffic lights? I thought a major artery was supposed to get you through a city faster?

Why do some drivers find the need to speed up when you’re attempting to merge? Do you really think one more car is going to divert you so much?

Why do some pedestrians stop start when attempting to cross the road or worse yet give you dirty looks when attempting to jay walk?

Why do some drivers turn the music up so loud that their stereos can’t handle it and the song becomes almost unrecognizable?

Why do vehicles with the raciest and most provocative bumper stickers have the ugliest drivers?

Why do some drivers out those proud parent of a honor roll student stickers on the car? So much waste for one semester of success that means very little in the grand scheme of things?

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