Where to start, where to start?! All the talk is about Kanye West acting like a douche, jumping on stage and interrupting Taylor Swifts’ acceptance speech for best female video. Whether or not he was right or not was not important, it was jsut the guys approach. And,
I think everyone including him get that. If you caught the premiere of the Jay Leno Show tonight, you likely saw the apology he gave on the show, tearing up when Leno mentioned his mother. While, you may question the outlet he chose to apologize, or even the sincerity
of the apology, he still did apologize.

We’re not going to talk about the incident itself or what we thought of it, that’s pretty obvious, BUT, we will talk about the backlash. Browsing around online and reading celeb comments and ‘tweets’, we got the sense that we were reading a yearbook from high school. Everything from ‘you’re a f-cking loser’ to ‘I’ll whoop his ass’. Seriously? What the hell is going on in hollywood or musictown? It’s like class went out the window. Even Kelly Clarkson let loose on her site! She plays the part of the geeky girl who starts cussing just to get involved with the in crowd. You know it’s getting a lot of play when Donald Trump starts to comment on the situation, is this the same guy who fought dirty with Rosie O’Donnell on television, shagged about on some wives, and holds one publicity stunt after another? We’re just going to recommend that Kanye stays out of the smoke pit for the next couple of weeks.

From one interruption to another, except this one, no one really gave a shit about. ‘Lil Mama’ which apparently is not her given name, jumped on stage while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys put on a stellar performance
of Empire State of Mind. Attempting to ‘high five’ Hova, she then posed alongside them at the closing. Her presence prompted people right across the Americas to ask, ‘Who’s the ugly chick?’ Mama later stated that she was just so caught up in the moment that she had to get up on stage. That’s funny, usually security just gets caught up in a moment, and puts a heel in your kidneys.

Another thing that stuck out is the fact that Lady Gaga can still sell records. How shitty is this chick? And, again, we’re not completely sold on the whole she’s a chick bit. She reminds us of a certain South African runner. Other than falling out of the ugly tree, and hitting every branch on the way down, she also is absolutely amazing at making shitty music. She also ante’d up the weird factor, wearing hideous outfit after hideous outfit, at one point having what can only be described as a birds nest around her face. You gotta wonder, how hard can one person try? We’re reminded of a classic lyric , ‘I changed by not changing at all..’

The last thing that stuck out? The Janet Jackson performing with video screen Michael. Pretty stellar performance, and the trailer for the pure money grab of his rehearsal footage? Damn, that looked like an amazing concert.

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2 thoughts on “MTV AWARDS RECAP

  • September 15, 2009 at 9:05 am

    I definetly think that Kanye’s apology was sincere. I think he made a good point that a lot of celebs including him don’t take time for themselves when they are going or have gone through a bad time in their lives. But I think you guys are right that he should keep a low profile for a while because everyone is really giving him a lot of slack for this one. The tribute was awesome…. I think Madonna’s speech was really heartfelt.

  • September 15, 2009 at 11:03 am

    The Lil Mama interuption was just embarrasing. I actually felt embarassed for her as I watched it… Being dissed by Jay Z on national tv… ouch.

    For those of you who don’t know…. this is Lil Mama’s one and only song… “Lip Gloss” .. how pathetic.


    Somebody put her out of her misery please!

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