Apparently, men will not buy a men’s magazine if it does not mention how they can acquire fantastic abs, at least, I think that’s the thought in the Men’s Health offices. Now, don’t get me wrong, I dig the magazine, it’s just the covers that make me laugh, and I’m not talking about the Abercombie and Fitch’esque shots of the cover model. It’s the feature of ‘getting great abs, or rock solid abs, or washboard abs’ that seems to make it on pretty much, every single magazine cover. I’m waiting for the, ‘Holy Shit, we finally figured this ab business out’ feature blurb on an upcoming cover. To their credit, they try to mix it up, just not very well, they’ll use the word ‘stomach’ rather than abs, or they’ll just pimp out the cover model, and have him actually lift his shirt. I also want to be in the photo shoot, where the celeb is like, ‘I don’t actually, really have a six pack’, with a quick reply of , ‘don’t worry, we’ll fix it in post!’. What? You thought, it was just the womens magazines that did that?

Don’t believe me? Well, check out 10 random magazine covers that  I picked out, and see if you can see the trend.

Yeah, it’s not in English, but I’m so confident that the ab infatuation is an International phenomenon, I’m actually confident that at the annual international editors ball, there are awards given for most creative ab cover reference given.

This is the ‘double down’, and it’s an international cover, they didn’t just want ‘GET ABS LIKE THESE’ to be featured, but the guys got to lift his under vest up as well.

Josh Duhamel. Check. A feature on a huge number of tips for a variety of topics. Check. Six-Pack Abs!. Check.

Ah, the variation, speaking to the common man – Lose Your Gut! Still ab-tastic.

I like to think this editor or design team won the award at the International Men’s Health convention. We’ve got bare abs, we’ve got a six-pack mention, AND, we’ve got FLAT BELLY MEALS. Perfection.

The English do it as well, an Avengers special just wouldn’t be right without an abs mention, even if it has a comic book spin.

David Beckham is not exempt, perhaps the biggest sports celebrity in the world, is not enough, we need to make sculpted abs easy.

India is not exempt either! You may at first think, hold on, there’s no ab mention, but look closer, and you’ll see how you can get a v-shaped torso.

Flat Belly Muscle. Does that even make sense? It doesn’t matter, it meets the requirements, and makes this cover a winner.

If this guy had his shirt off, it’d be the trifecta, but ripped abs made easy, and flat belly still makes it a winner.

Feel free to Google Men’s Health covers, you’ll see countless more examples.

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