JOHNLEWISJohn Lewis is a department store in Great Britain, comparable to Nordstroms over on this side of the pond. John Lewis, in addition to their fancy department stores and big ticket items, are known for their Christmas TV commercials. The English always seem to have a variety of incredibly commercialized items that are used to commemorate the holiday season – far greater than the ‘red cups’ that everyone gets excited about out here.

The John Lewis Chirstmas advert has a bit of a set formula, classic song – reimagined, make a child the star, and set the commercial in their imagination. This years ad’s theme is focused on making sure someone feels loved, which is nice, now, try on these $400 pair of boots. In all honesty, it’s a good ad, I don’t think it tops their ad from 2014 though, which is down below as well.


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