It was three days over a warm a July weekend back in 2008. The first of what was touted as an annual music festival, Pemberton Festival. If you attended, you’ll remember the lineup is brilliant. Coldplay, JayZ, The Hip, NIN, Flaming Lips, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and some other lesser known acts at the time such as Vampire Weekend, Wintersleep, and Metric. You’ll also remember the absolute cluster fuck it was. Security and some staff walked off on day one. Camping passes were rendered useless, as people roamed and stayed where they wanted. Shower lineups were chaos, as was the condition of the showers. The dance tent had giant lineups to get into, and water for crowd that needed it wasn’t readily available. Lets not even mention the traffic leading to the campground, as the roads and town were not ready for that level of traffic. Organizers promised all of that would change, and 2009 would be filled with another great lineup in the same awe inspiring gorgeous location. 2009 came and went. Negotiating struggles, 2010 will prove to have two giant parties, the Olympics then the second annual ‘PemFest’, of course that one got cancelled too. Until, a group known as Huka announced this week that the Pemberton Music Festival will return in July 2014. The group goes to lengths to distance themselves from the group that organized the first, Live Nation. It also goes to address almost every concern that was made that first year. The roads and highways are ready after 2010. Ticketing and passes are key. Alcohol will be allowed in campsites, water refill stations will also be active. Parking on or near site is extremely discouraged.

They’ve even launched the sale of ‘founders’ ticket packages. A $149 three day pass that comes with a load of presale opportunities. The value of $149 is exceptional, as it may be enough of a deal for fans to not care if their favorite artist is in the lineup or not.

Pemberton Music Fest is active on twitter, Facebook and at


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