It was the day that so many Apple drones were waiting for, or so they thought. So many people were convinced that Apple would release the iPhone 5, that some of then already sold their iPhone 4’s. Suckas.

The iPhone 4s dropped today, a cosmetically identical piece to the 4 that boasts a faster processor, and a better camera. Don’t sound like a hell of a lot does it? That’s cos it’s not. The biggest difference is the A5 chip (made by Samsung, ironic eh?), and what’s being called Siri, a voice tool that does what you tell it, rather than pushing the buttons. So, essentially voice control. Average. The sped up processor business? Yeah, cool, but I don’t find the 4 slow to begin with.

Ooh, and the battery, it’s the best ever. You can listen to music for 40 straight hours. I always wanted to do that. How about it not fading when I’m playing Mario Kart rip offs?

It’s also now a world phone, and the camera is 60% better. Maybe, I’m super jaded, but the company that’s known for reinventing everything seems to have reinvented the cash grab.

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