Hip. Modern. Bold. The Interior Design Show West caters to affluent, creative individuals who are not afraid to take risks when it comes to home decor. Bold colour choices and textures, accompanied by unique shapes and clean lines is how best to describe many of the products and ideas being offered at this year’s show. These pieces appeal to design-spirited individuals with a vivid imagination, but they do come at a hefty price tag.

While most people aren’t likely to make any purchases, lots of great ideas get generated for those looking to renovate or build a new home. One highlight in particular was the complimentary latte/cappuccinos being served. As one would imagine there was a long line up to get your coffee fix, but it was well worth the wait. Cost of the sleek caffeine-producing machine? $3,000.

Some unique pieces that were on display were a coffee table with tree stump base, a clear plastic crib, and a wall display of miniature guitars. All of the products and design offerings felt very specific to Vancouver and the stereotypes of people that live in this city, ie. yuppies. Nothing wrong with that, but reminds us of just how high the cost of living in Vancouver really is. You pay at least half a million dollars for a small space in down town Vancouver, but it’s home and you want home to be stylish and trendy. It’s a lifestyle. Nonetheless, the exhibits were enjoyable and the show was tastefully executed.

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