You’ve undoubtedly heard the story of Julio Aparicio, the legendary Spanish bullfighter getting a horn in the throat this past week mid match. I’ve never completely understood the relevance of bullfighting, but at the same time I’m not a part of that culture, as I’ll agree that it may have some sort of cultural significance to some folks. I compare it to some hunting that gets done up in the Great North, and even game hunting done in all parts of the world. From my understanding, after a bullfight, the bull is killed. So, many may say that this recent turn of events may just have been fates way of saying,’I’ll stick a horn up your throat and out your mouth’.

Julio, the matador is expected to make a full recovery, he just won’t be hanging out down by the schoolyard.

A warning in advance, this video is pretty balls out graphic. The Paul Simon one is just epic. Seriously. That poor little girl gets interrupted like four times, Paul missed the rehearsal on that one.

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