This story made the weblines a few weeks back, and it keeps getting interest. Casey Neistat gained popularity through a number of ‘viral’ campaigns, he lobbied Apple regarding weak batteries in iPods, and then he made a video why riding in New York bike lanes is more dangerous than not riding in New York bike lanes. Check out that clip below. It starts with him filming himself getting a ticket.



Well, Nike, with their billions of dollars, and millions of childrens ears to the street heard about the film maker, and, thought, why the hell don’t we get this guy on our side? We’ll pay him a shit load of money, and he can make an advert for our #make it count campaign. Casey decided to take them up on the offer, but, he and a friend decided to fly around the world, and not stop until they ran out of cash. How long did that take? 10 days.The video has caught enough steam, that it’s likely done the trick for Nike, even if Casey and his mate were trying out an act of rebellion. The clip is just under 5 minutes of wonderfully edited adrenaline.

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