A ton of live music this week in support of Grey Cup week, including the Telus Street Festival, there’s a lot of acts on this list that you often see pop up at street festivals, and community events, that level of comfort also seems to lead to crowds sticking around a little longer – especially families. They’re the indie bands, or community stage vets that your aunt can’t stop telling you about Sunday morning.

Check out the acoustic version of the track, ‘Sweetwater’ by The Matinee.

Thursday, November 27
3:00pm Young Liars
4:00pm Willa
5:15pm Jordan Klassen
6:30pm Dominique Fricot
7:45pm Delhi 2 Dublin

Friday, November 28
3:00pm Rococode
4:00pm Oceanographers
5:15pm The Belle Game
6:30pm BESTiE
7:45pm The Matinee

Saturday, November 29
3:00pm Freeflow
4:00pm Redeye Empire
5:15pm Sophia Danai
6:30pm Humans
7:45pm The Boom Booms

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