Filipino Herbert Chavez has always loved Superman, actually, Herbert Chavez loves Superman. Loves him so much that he became dead set on looking like Superman. We’re not talking about hitting the speedbag, or lifting heavy weights. No, that’s crazy. We’re talking about good ol’ fashioned plastic surgery. The transformation, if that’s what you want to call it has taken more than 10 years and you have to admit, the 35 year old looks just like a fuckin’ nutter. He’s had surgery on his cheeks, lips, nose, chin, skin whitening, thigh slimming (naturally), no word if he took Johnny Drama’s advice and got calf implants.

The man with a big wallet, small brain, and likely smaller penis isn’t done there. He’s looking to get rods in his legs so he’s taller, and an operation to give him rock hard abs, because exercise is for losers. He often wears the thick glasses that Clark Kent sports (naturally), and has filled his home with Superman memorabilia. What I would love is for someone to convince this man that Superman actually had a vagina due to some kryptonite accident. How comitted is he really?art-353-superman3-200x0

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