Back when the WWE was the WWF, and amazingly fun with great characters, story lines, and some fantastic athletes there was one tag team that stood out, the high flying Rockers. Keep in mind this was during a time of great tag teams, like, the Hart Foundation, Legion of Doom, and Demolition.

The Rockers was the pairing of Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty. They were known for their fast paced frenetic matches, and, were total good guys, or faces, as they’re called in the industry. They broke up when Shawn Michaels, turned bad guy, or heel, and kicked Janetty through a ‘plate glass window’ during an interview in Brutus ‘the Barber’ Beefcakes barbershop set. Michaels went on to wrestling superstardom, Janetty, kind of became the answer to a trivia question. The conversation that probably didn’t happen below is between Marty, Shawn and Vince McMahon.

The scene: A makeshift meeting room, that’s really a coat room for arena staff in some small arena, in some small town in the Midwest.

Marty: Wooo! Rockers forever! Shawn, you wanna play some Old Maid again tonight?
Shawn: Nah, I’d rather do an old maid
Marty: Aw you’re a funny guy, I’ll see you back at the room, I got some new Sour Cream corn nuts you just gotta try!
Shawn: (throws his head back, stares at ceiling) Vince?
Vince: Uh yeah, Marty, we’ve got a really terrific storyline coming up here that we wanted to loop you in on
Marty: Oh, we’re going against the Legion of Doom aren’t we?!
Vince: Uh no not LOD
Marty: Good, cos Animal kinda scares me
Vince: We’re going to break up the Rockers
Marty: I’m going solo?
Vince: Yes, you’re going to get to show your talents off in a spotlight all your own.
Marty: Well gee, if that’s what we need to do, let’s do it, Shawn you cool with it?
Shawn: Yeah, whatever, I’m game
Marty: Alright, whose belt am I taking?!
Vince: It’s gonna be in Brutus’ barbershop
Marty: Oh, you’re gonna put Shawn with him? That makes sense. I was a little worried, he’s a little too edgy by himself, no offense Shawn buddy
Shawn: Oh, none taken Marty pal
Vince: Shawn is gonna turn heel. He’s gonna throw you through a window in the shop. And you’ll both go solo
Marty: Oh wow, I probably won’t fight that night then yeah? The whole injury angle?
Vince: Well it’ll be a little longer
Marty: Ah like two weeks? Then we could reunite the Rockers during Wrestlemania? That’d be fantastic!
Vince: No we’re going to keep Shawn solo. You’ll be away for a few months recovering from the injuries, you’ll return randomly and challenge Shawn.
Marty: Six months?! I just got my hair poofed again. Why six months, he’s just throwing me in right?
Vince: Well, he’s gonna kick you through it
Marty: Like a drop kick?
Shawn: Nah a straight kick
Marty: Well, who’s gonna believe a kick is that strong?
Vince: Well, that same kick is going to become Shawn’s new finisher.
Shawn: Sweet Chin!
Marty perplexed staring out into space.
Vince: I know it’s a lot to take in guys, but, Marty, we’ll make you look good on your way back in too. We’ll even get you the leather jacket that you’ve been asking for.
Marty: Well that certainly makes it easier. So, when do I return
Vince: Well, we’re gonna let Shawn build enough of a spotlight and storyline that let’s the fans forget how he got it. Then we’ll bring you back
Marty: Will they remember me?
Vince: Remember you? You’re Marty Janetty! It’ll be fantastic! Now, Shawn and I were going to grab some poutine from down the street, you wanna come with?
Marty: Uh yeah sure guys. Sure.


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