Hockey players are supposed to be smarter than most athletes. Three Chicago Blackhawks players were committed to proving that wrong. You’ve most likely heard about the photos, and you may have even seen them, but we’re like that old neighbor lady who pokes old wounds, so we’ll bring it up again. Call us the CBC. 8176_John+Madden-1_jpg-550x0

Let’s do a rundown, we’ve got Patrick Kane, John Madden, and a very geeky looking Kris Versteeg. We’re not even going to touch on Maddens missing wedding ring, Mrs. Madden can talk about that. Nor are we going to touch on the fact that Patrick Kane doesn’t seem to have the physique of a hockey player, hell, none of them do. But, we’ll talk about Kris Versteeg. What happened on this photo was they bumped into Paris Hilton, so Versteeg stole her sunglasses, but not her poserness. Instead, he sits in the photo with some hands on him, looking like Michael Jackson on the edge of Madonnas bed. You almost expect him to call out, ‘Mommy, it’s moving!’5342_Kris+Versteeg-1_jpg-550x0

We’re loving the fact that the photos are a great advertisement for real beer, Canadian beer, and for American Pie 4 with Stifflers mom in one of the photos. In terms of the quality of talent in the photos, it wasn’t as high as you’d expect. You’ve got some pretty well known hockey players, running about a hockey mad city filled with beautiful women. Then, these guys pick up a few decent ones, and then, somehow end up half naked in the back of a limo. What is this 1985?! No word on when the photos were taken, whether it was pre or post Canuck spanking at the garage.


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