BC Place opened this past weekend to the BC Lions, as they continued their turn around of a season. Pretty fitting considering BC Place has gone through a transition similar to their CFL tenants.

The joint has gone through a total overhaul, from the obvious roof to a boatload of cosmetic changes, inside/out. It’s got a scoreboard that’s one of the largest in North America, second only to Cowboys Stadium. The concession stands got boosted too, with new offerings and cleaner looks. So, what did people think of what’s already being labeled as a jewel of downtown?

‘The food and beer took too long’
‘Beer is too expensive’

What the hell? Reminds me of Louis CK. I love the fact that the entire place has been renovated and people bitch about the shit you have to expect. So the staff didn’t get your fries that quickly, take the message you fat bastard. And beer prices? This ain’t your uncles house, a $8 beer shouldn’t be unheard of. The craziest bit is that the suits joined in on shitting on the servers. How’s that make sense?

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