Well, they may as well have called it that. An absolute clear sign that the think tank in Apple headquarters is probably filled with men, not in touch with their feminine side,or maybe a little too much in touch. Apple decided to call their newest gadget the iPad, a tablet like device that is considered to be the latest feather in Steve Jobs hat.

Other names floated around for the device were iSlate, iTab and every other word with an ‘i’ in front of it .

Of course, early techies have started to knock the device already citing flaws that will inevitably be featured on the next version or update of this device. Meanwhile, those who bought into the iPhone craze, are looking well forward to the latest version of that device to be released, complete with front facing video camera for videoconferencing.

There are a few benefits to the name, the fact that every other product that starts with an ‘i’ has been a success, and the fact that any product with an ‘i’ on the front of it, is instantly associated with Apple. We, here at Blog Trot will be unleashing a iRag, a complete all-in-one cleaning tool to compete with the Sham Wow. Ours will help you remove blood stains from fights with hookers.


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